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How do I remove my old cable crimp?

We recommend snipping off the end with cable shears (available at your local bike shop, or if a good clean cut is like ASMR for you, check out the Felco C7's). You can also grab the very tip of the old cable crimp with pliers and pull-often it will come right off.

How do I install the Cable Cherries?

1) back the set screw out a few turns, and insert cable end all the way into the smaller, unthreaded hole. If your cable end is a little frayed, twist the ends back together in the direction they were originally wound. 

2) tighten the set screw using the long end of the included wrench to avoid over-tightening. When you're done, give the cable cherry a small tug to make sure it's secure.

3) If it pops off, re-insert and snug the screw down a little tighter. Better to sneak up on the proper tension than over-tighten and strip the screw. Now go ride!

Can I use the same Cable Cherries on both shift and brake cables?

Yep! They work equally well with both.


Please contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll be happy to give you a refund or help sort out an exchange.

I lost a set screw, where do I get more? 

You can order a small bag of spares from us, or purchase them from our supplier, Mcmaster-Carr. They are 3mm long stainless, cup point M3x.5mm set screws.

I lost my tiny hex key, where can I find another?

Same as above. You can order from Mcmaster-Carr, or buy a smaller quantity from us. 

What's your warranty on the Cable Cherries?

Any and all manufacturer defects are covered. If something is not right, please reach out and we're happy to set you up with what you need. 

These are so easy to lose!

It's true, they are little, round, and quick to roll away on a flat surface. If you need to set them down, put them in/on a bowl, mat, rag, etc. and avoid smooth flat table surfaces. If you don't, you might be doing some unexpected cleaning under the couch, which maybe needed to happen anyway...When they're on the bike, make sure to give the cherry a light pull to ensure they're on your cable securely before riding. 

I live outside the USA, can I get The Cherries?

 At the moment we're only shipping to the 52 U.S. states and Canada. If that doesn't include you, please check out our dealers like Velo Orange and Wizard Works who do ship internationally.