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Oyster Bar
Oyster Bar
Oyster Bar
Oyster Bar
Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar was designed to perform on modern trail bikes, with all the joys of classic fillet brazed construction.

in a recent resurgence of crossbar'd bars, what makes this one unique? 

-Bent and brazed in Washington State, of US 4130 steel.

-Clear powder coated finish

-Relatively low rise of 50mm for a position that strikes a balance between performance in the jumps and corners, and the comfort many prefer on long rides.

- 100mm wide stem clamp area to allow room for bag straps + accessories. 

- 15 degree backsweep

- 5 degree upsweep

- 860mm wide, can be cut down to 740mm or so while retaining enough grip area for all your grip stuff.

- weighs in at 667g

- .5" / 12.7mm diameter crossbar works with our shims for mounting lights, gps, a bell, snowcone holder,  etc. to your crossbar. Make that handlebar space count!

-22.2mm stem clamp diameter