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Rotten Wrench
Rotten Wrench
Rotten Wrench
Rotten Wrench


Rotten Wrench

The Link Wrench is an 8/9/10mm wrench & emergency master link opener, laser cut in the USA from grade 5 titanium. Rotten wrenches can have various cosmetic blemishes like light spatter marks from laser cutting, a rough looking surface finish, or darker spots on the metal. All sales are final, and all blemishes are cosmetic without affecting functionality. 


-  No more fiddling with stubby multi-tool wrenches to access tight spaces between racks, fenders and bags.

-A lightweight (22g, 19g for the 8/10mm) alternative to carrying a steel wrench and master link pliers (~78g for the two).  

-Common 8, 9, and 10mm sizes all on one tool. 

-The Included 500lb dyneema cord from Samson Rope in Bellingham, WA makes it the lightest trailside master link opener around.

A note on Nuts n' Bolts:

You may notice the fit on our wrench is slightly tighter than other wrenches, particularly if you use the wrench on quality in-house made hardware that is not undersized (Paul Component, Rene Herse etc.) However most mass produced nuts and bolt heads you're likely to encounter are slightly undersized. So, our wrenches are slightly undersized to give an optimum fit on the most common hardware. If you wish for a looser fit, you can take a flat file to the wrench flats and in a couple strokes, make the opening noticeably larger.