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Rotten Fruit
Rotten Fruit
Rotten Fruit


Rotten Fruit

***Rotten Fruits have cosmetic blemishes such as: spots / scratches in the finish, noticeably different color, or nicks in the part. None of the above affect the function of the product. Colors are randomly paired according to our fashion consultants - be ready for a surprise! ***


The Cable Cherries are a 7mm diameter spherical aluminum cable crimp that utilize a set screw to pinch your cable, instead of a crimping tool, pliers, a rock, etc. This makes them serviceable on the trail, reusable, and easier to grab when making tension adjustments to your cables. Handy especially for folks who want ease of adjustment/cable changes, and are running rim brakes or cable actuated discs. Better yet, buy them for your friend who is always running out of crimps and has cable ends that are, well, naked and a-frayed. 

The Details:

-The opening for the cable is 2mm in diameter, and they work equally well with both shifter and brake cables.

-Ships in 1-3 business days from our shop in Port Townsend, WA. 

-If you're wondering how not to loose the tiny wrench, we suggest taping it to your tire lever of choice! (last photo). 

-Machined, anodized and assembled in the USA.

-Weight: 0.4 g per cherry.

-Sold in pairs, includes 1.5mm Bhondus hex key. Patent pending.